Burton Step On Identity

An identity and branding system developed for StepOn™ a binding technology system developed by Burton. The goal of this project was to create a visual guidelines system that could scale as the usage and application of the technology expands.

Utilizing a portion of the new Burton identity, and the new brand typographic system, a new clearer, StepOn logo was created. Additionally a smaller square icon was created to accompany the primary word-mark, wherever physical manufacturing, or product in-mold restrictions would prohibit the use of the more horizontal word-mark.

We crafted a kinetic logo animation representing the product, with sound design and audio taken from the boot and binding latching together. The strong slap and click is to evoke a sense and feeling of instant locking security.

The new step on identity was built utilizing a slice of the updated word-mark. As the technology is licensed out to other companies, the objective was to create a subtly visual tie back to Burton without the need for licensees to use the Burton branding on their product.

Basic trademark communication strategy was also developed along with logo applications. This is in an effort to protect the integrity and original intent of the technology. That StepOn is an ingredient technology that amplifies or enhances the user experience wherever it is applied.