Burton Snowboards Brand Guidelines Site

Designing and authoring a purpose built website to centralize Burton's new identity and brand guidelines system. With a scalable design, modular content blocks, and translations available in eight languages, the site allows us to construct pages as needed to help ensure brand alignment as a global organization.

The guidelines site is constructed on a custom lightweight WordPress theme. Our page builder was built to incorporate a 12 column grid and to leverage their new Gutenberg module system to allow for greater layout flexibility moving forward.

Page layout follows a mobile first approach to ensuring content was equally accessible from anywhere, and that the structure was identical across all devices. The primary audience of the site browses on a desktop sized display, with this in mind an offset page layout was used with a permanently exposed navigation for quick access to all sections of the site.

The type system was built to scale based on viewport size and width. Type scale is relative to the base body copy size in order to preserve typographic hierarchy globally. Additionally all margins, and element padding are relative to the type scale, so the overall appearance is preserved as device size varies.

Supporting Team

Development - Perfect Day Media
Copywriting - Evan Litsios
Design Support - Tyler Powell