'21 Seasonal Brand Direction

As the new updated brand identity was introduced, the next step was to define what the following season of marketing could look like as a new and cohesive system. Based on an updated set of brand values and creative principles, two distinct approaches explored and amplified those principle each coming to life in their own unique way.

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Direction 01 - Contour

This direction is about embracing snowboarding’s DIY roots and drawing from the imperfect, organic forms we find on the mountain. Bringing an organic layer of shape paired with bold saturated colors from our product brought energy into otherwise simple compositions.

Direction 02 - Frame

This direction is centered around framing and focus. It is about escape and utilizing the mountains to give us an alternative from the noise, overload, and everyday stuff that prevents us from feeling alive. It's about restraint and taking in one thing at a time, zooming in and placing emphasis in on a moment or a feeling. By design the colors used here are relatively less saturated and the compositions are pared back.

Supporting Team

Co-Creative Direction - David Pfluger